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We are a consultancy working with Leaders & their teams to create more successful organisations

Established in 2017 by Tom Barclay Matchett, The London Storyteller Group is a specialist team building consultancy that unlocks dormant potential for innovation and builds bonds of common cohesive common purpose across organisations.

We create compelling and participatory experiences that inspire a sense of common purpose

It's Time To Bring teams together once again

We serve clients with teams across a global footprint and the feedback is very clear.  Its time to bring teams together once again; our expertise is making that experience a cohesive value maximised one which opens up new potential in your organisation. 

We don’t believe that virtual experiences are anything other than virtual experiences.  Humans are social animals and the opportunity to bring teams together in person enables organisations to increase the effectiveness of their team building activities and the depth of impact that they can create.

And that’s where The London Storyteller Group comes in.  We may be based in London but we serve clients globally; whether delivering here in the United Kingdom or wherever optimally serves your team and the outputs that you want to deliver.  The London Storyteller isn’t about location, its about people and enabling teams to unlock their potential.  Oh, and we do Zoom too.

Start your journey with The London Storyteller Group today by requesting a consultation.  Tom Barclay Matchett, The Founder of The London Storyteller Group and his team of expert, specialist facilitators and creative practioners are ready to help your team enjoy the benefits of a newfound sense of common purpose and camaraderie. 

Our services

Team Building

We create bespoke, participatory experiences and ongoing initiatives for organisations who want  more productive, effective and successful teams.

Storytelling Coaching

We provide coaching to leaders and their teams either as group or on a one-to-one basis in improving their efficacy of storytelling and their understanding of the positive impact that this delivers.

Thought Leadership

We help organisations define new creative solutions to their organisational and operating culture challenges to foster sustainable growth with innovation.

what we deliver

Bespoke Content

We devise, produce and curate original bespoke content to support organisations on their journey to becoming more harmonious and inspiring places to work.

Creative strategy

We collaborate with clients to provide them with original thinking and approaches to a multiplicity of challenges.

client growth

We work with our clients to create experiences that inspire, delight and engage their clients in ways that bring value, build rapport and reward beyond the conventional expectations of what working together means.

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Our Brands

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